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We enjoy following the dream, having vines and our own winery. We are working hard to achieve this. We do everything ourselves, with authenticity and humility, applying our knowledge and interpreting what nature transmits to us at each moment of the cycle. 




Sommelier and apprentice wine grower

From Barcelona with a background in sport, she trained in psychology and has a long career as an assistant to top management in large corporations. 

Now, she is a sommelier and apprentice wine grower. As far as wine is concerned, she trained as a sommelier at the University of Barcelona and in London at the WSET and is permanently expanding her knowledge.


This is a path that has taken her from absorbing experiences ranging from grape gathering in Champagne to directing the Wine Tourism Business Unit at various wineries, from selling wines in a specialist shop to offering training on tasting and directing tasting sessions, while getting to know the mysteries of wine distribution and organising events. She is linked to the world of wine from an integral perspective.  


She is happy with a glass in her hand. She is communicative, energetic, rigorous, enthusiastic and constant. She transmits. She awakens emotions. She is good at feeling and making people feel the wine and everything to do with it. She is a channel of transmission between the vines and the senses, thanks to her sensitivity towards the vine, to the participation in the preparation, to the ability to analyse the wine itself and its tastings which she manages to translate into sensations, feelings, vibration and emotion, while adding value to the pleasure of drinking wine. 



Wine grower and producer

From the Maresme region, he has a background in competitive sport and long experience in the management and direction of work teams. 

He is now a wine grower. He trained at Espiells (Sant Sadurní) in vines, wine and oil and is constantly learning.


This path has enabled him to add to his baggage morsels extracted from his experience in large and small wineries, in the field and in the wine cellar, in the Penedès region, in the Terres de Ponent and in the Empordà region. 

He has always been linked to unique projects in which one can see and experience the integrity of the wine, the closed circle.

He is in the field and in the winery. He is persistent, tenacious, dedicated and passionate. He feels empathy with the vine. He gets on well with it. He understands it. He takes care of it, he raises it to the category of a garden. Everything has a logic, a meaning, a reason. He carries out the interpretation, with biodynamic practices and the help of meteorology, localisation, the media and resources and translates all this into a limited production, adding value to the vine through the search for the quality of the wines. 

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