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Sommelier a la carta


We would love you to play with us by sharing some of the Somni d'istiu games we explain below. If you can’t find yours, please contact us and we will create your à la carte food and wine experience. 

Glasses game

You will enjoy a sensorial experience that will open your eyes to discover the importance of glasses when tasting and savouring wine.

Bubbly textures

You will learn to have a better understanding of the various wines through their bubbles, their aromas, tones, density and many more things and you will find out which textures and styles you most enjoy.

Harmonies by vi

The harmony of wines

We will tantalise your senses by showing you that a single cheese can vary greatly depending on the wine with which it is paired and vice versa.

What do you feel?

We will work on the awareness we have regarding the five physical senses and verify that all five of them are interconnected and we will understand how.

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